Thursday, December 17, 2015

Season's Greetings and the Chemistry Tree

Season's Greetings and the Chemistry Tree

The faculty and staff of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry wish to extend season's greetings and best wishes in the new year!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Luncheon

Christmas Luncheon


We are planning a Christmas luncheon on Thursday, December 17, 2015 from 12:00-2:00p.m. in the chemistry conference room.  Tickets are $5.00 and must be purchased by Monday, December 14, 2015 from either Cathy or myself.   Ticket price at the door will be $100.00.  (Get the hint, you need to let us know in advance if you're coming).

Food will include: Pasta, chicken, another meat, salad, rolls,  vegetarian dishes,  pop and dessert 

We need to order the food on Monday, December 14th so please purchase your ticket by Monday.  

See attached flyer for more information.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

CBC highlight: Pamela Ovadje recognized for anti-cancer work

Windsor's dandelion tea researcher Pamela Ovadje recognized for anti-cancer work
Pamela Ovadje was 'a little bit skeptical' that dandelions could have cancer-fighting properties

A post-doctoral fellow at the University of Windsor is being recognized for the work she has done investigating the anti-cancer properties of several natural extracts, including those of dandelions.

Pamela Ovadje will receive the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation-Postdoctoral at a ceremony in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Mitacs is a non-profit organization that works with universities, governments and companies in Canada, to build partnerships to promote social and industrial innovation.

Close-up of a dandelion plant

Pamela Ovadje's research has examined the anti-cancer properties of several natural extracts, including dandelion roots. 

Ovadje told CBC Radio's Windsor Morning that the story of the work she has been doing tracks back to 2009.

"We had information from an oncologist, a collaborator here in Windsor, who had patients that showed improvement after taking dandelion-root tea," Ovadje told Windsor Morning.

"And so, with a phone call, we decided to start studying what was in this tea that made patients respond to it, so we started digging up dandelions."

Monday, November 23, 2015

Alumni honour Stephen Loeb with Mentoring Award

Alumni honour Stephen Loeb with Graduate Mentoring Award

Prof. Stephen Loeb received the 2015 Excellence in Mentoring Award in recognition of his personal, academic and professional guidance of students, and contribution to their all-round development up to and following graduation.

Prof. Loeb is a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Supramolecular Chemistry and Functional Materials - his PDFs, graduate students and undergraduate research assistants have all been crucial to the success of his research program, including their recent design of functional molecular machines.

For more information, please visit his web site.

To read a Daily News article about all of the alumni awards, please click here.

Rawson wins teaching award

Rawson wins teaching award

Congratulations to Prof. Jeremy Rawson, who was recently awarded the 2015 Roger Thibert award for excellence in teaching in the Faculty of Science.  

Aside from his great teaching skills, Prof. Rawson is a Tier I Canada Chair in Molecular Materials, and he runs an active research program featuring undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral students.  His research interests encompass inorganic molecular materials chemistry, main group chemistry, free radical chemistry, EPR spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.  He has over 175 publications in peer-reviewed journals including multiple chapters in academic texts. 

For more information on his research and teaching, please visit his web site at:

Two tenure-track faculty positions available

Two Tenure-Track Assistant Professor Positions in
1) Sustainable Materials and Green Chemistry, and
2) Health Applications of Materials

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Nov. 30, 2015

Click here for a full description of the jobs, and to start your application!

The University of Windsor’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry invites applications for two tenure-track Assistant Professor positions as part of its expanding program in Materials Science in the areas of 1) Sustainable Materials and Green Chemistry, and 2) Health Applications of Materials commencing July 1, 2016. These positions are subject to final budgetary approval.
These positions are two of 50 new tenure-track Assistant Professor appointments that the University of Windsor will make over the next three years as part of a visionary strategic investment in our students and faculty. This cohort of 50 new teachers, scholars, researchers, and creators will demonstrate both disciplinary grasp and interdisciplinary reach, providing extraordinary leadership in research, teaching, and learning for a new generation. For more information on the 50 new appointments, visit us at www.uwindsor.ca/50newprofs/.

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs of study in Chemistry and biochemistry. Faculty members have active research programs in a variety of areas, including synthetic inorganic and organic chemistry, materials science, surface science, solid-state chemistry and biological chemistry. For more information about the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, visit our website at www.uwindsor.ca/chemistry.

Essential Qualifications

1) Sustainable Materials and Green Chemistry
The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, supported by postdoctoral experience, with a strong track record of publications in organic/materials related research and a strong commitment to excellence in teaching. The applicant will be expected to teach courses in organic and organic materials chemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The successful candidate will be expected to lead an active research group in organic materials chemistry with a focus on research relating to, but not exclusively limited to, sustainable materials, environmentally benign materials and/or materials processing for a greener environment. The applicant is expected to develop a vibrant research program supported by external funding and will have opportunities for collaborations with materials researchers in Science and Engineering.

2) Health Applications of Materials
The successful applicant will have a Ph.D. in Chemistry or Biochemistry, supported by postdoctoral experience, with a strong track record of publications in the fields of (Bio) materials and Health Science or related research and a strong commitment to excellence in teaching. The applicant will be expected to teach courses in chemistry and/or biochemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The successful candidate will be expected to lead an active research group in the development and/or application of (bio) materials to the field of Health Science. The applicant is expected to develop a vibrant research program supported by external funding and will have opportunities for collaborations with materials researchers in Science and Engineering.

Application Requirements
  • a letter of application, including a statement of citizenship/immigration status;
  • a detailed and current curriculum vitae;
  • a two (2) page outline of research interests and accomplishments;
  • a draft NSERC Discovery Grant research proposal (up to 5 pages);
  • samples of scholarly writing, including (if applicable) clear indications of your contribution to any jointly authored pieces;
  • a teaching dossier or teaching portfolio showing evidence of teaching effectiveness and excellence that will include sample course syllabi/outlines, teaching evaluations, and a statement of teaching philosophy and interests (resources and templates for completing a teaching dossier can be found at www.uwindsor.ca/ctl/links-pd);
  • graduate transcripts, and
  • three (3) current letters of support forwarded directly by the referees to the Department Head at the address or email listed below.

Only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted. The short-listed candidates may be invited to provide further information in support of their applications. To ensure full consideration, complete an online application and ensure letters of reference are submitted by the deadline date of November 13, 2015. Applications may be considered after the deadline date; however, acceptance of a late submission is at the discretion of the appointment committee.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Chem Club Holiday Party - Dec. 3, 2015

Please join the Chem Club for our Annual Holiday Party!

Date: Thursday, December 3rd

Time: 7:00pm

Place: Rock Bottom (3236 Sandwich St)

Cost:$10 (includes appetizers and one beverage ticket)

Please see attached flyer.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tea with Lee at 3

Dr. Lee would like to host a "Tea with Lee at 3" on Thursday, November 19th in the Student Centre, Room #250 Essex Hall.

She will provide the tea and desserts.

Thank you Dr. Lee!



Food Drive Challenge

The Faculty of Science has challenged all Science departments to a Food Drive.

Since Chemistry & Biochemistry have always been up for a challenge, and determined to win, we are asking that (if you're able to), bring one or two canned goods to the "Tea with Lee" event.

Be sure you bring them to the Chemistry office, #273 Essex Hall.  Do not put them in the big  box in the hallway, as this belongs to the Faculty of Science department.

Suggested canned goods are:  soup, vegetables, fruit, zoodles, pasta sauce, etc.

See attached flyer for further information.  Hope to see everyone there.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Chemistry and Biochemistry Canned Food Drive

Chemistry and Biochemistry Canned Food Drive

All Chemistry and Biochemistry Faculty, Staff, PDF, Grad and 410 Students:

Bring in your unexpired can goods or non perishable food items.

You are being challenged - lets set a record and beat the other departments in the Faculty of Science.  If we win, we get to share a coffee break!  

There is a box set up in the main office.   Contest runs from Nov. 1-30, 2015

Details below.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Corey Scipione wins poster prize at Canadian Lipoprotein Conference

Congratulations to Corey Scipione (Koschinsky group), who was awarded a $500 prize for best graduate student poster at the recent Canadian Lipoprotein Conference.

The presentation was entitled: "Lp(a)/apo(a) promotes pro-inflammatory responses in vascular cells: A role for the oxPL moiety on apo(a)."

Corey, along with other members of the Koschinsky lab (Dr. Rocco Romagnuolo, presented an oral presentation and Matthew Gemin, presented a poster presentation) presented their work at the 40th Annual Canadian Lipoprotein Conference in Toronto this past weekend.

Windsor Research Spotlight - Stretching the Limit

NSERC Research Spotlight - Stretching the Limit

A research team at the University of Windsor has found that working with a problem, instead of against it, can result in incredible breakthroughs. Chemistry professor Tricia Carmichael and co-investigator Heather Filiatrault have successfully created stretchable electronics able to continue conducting electricity even after stretching to the point of cracking.

Stretchable light-emitting devices are the building blocks of foldable and expandable display screens and electronics-integrated clothing, as well as other soft devices designed to go inside a body, like a stretchable balloon catheter that can mend damaged areas of the heart.

“The dilemma with the design of these devices is that when we use electrically conductive materials, like aluminum or copper, these materials will crack when stretched even a minimal amount,” says Dr. Carmichael.

Stretchable electronics integrate a thin film of electrically conductive material with a film of rubber, but the conductive materials crack when they are stretched, which breaks the circuit and renders the device useless.

Carmichael and her lab team investigated the theory that when a rough surface is stretched it generates multiple micro-cracks, instead of a few large debilitating cracks. To manipulate the cracking, she simply added a layer of inexpensive white glue before the thin sheet of metal was attached.

“Instead of eliminating cracks, we encouraged a lot of cracking, like a spider web of cracks that don’t form a continuous pathway through the sheet,” says Carmichael. “The cracks purposefully interfere with each other, relieving the strain, so the current can flow along a jagged but continuous pathway.”

The glue layer is watered down to control the film thickness. It is spread over the rubber layer and creates the required roughness by forming blobs. Members of Carmichael’s lab built a strain sensor out of rubber, glue and gold and wrapped it around a thumb. The sensor successfully monitored when the digit was extended, and when it was not.

Carmichael says this is a low-cost, green solution, which uses simple components that could potentially scale up to larger surface devices.

“We made the system more defective in order to make it work better,” she says. “I love this concept of embracing the natural tendency of cracking, and then pushing it further.”

This research is published as the cover story in the September 30th edition of This link will take you to another Web site ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

To see the original story on the NSERC web site, click here.

Mike Jaroszewicz awarded Marie Curie fellowship

Mike Jaroszewicz just completed his M.Sc. (Chemistry) at the University of Windsor under the supervision of Prof. Rob Schurko.  He is now heading to the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel to work on his Ph.D. in the research group of Prof. Lucio Frydman.

He has been awarded an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) Marie Curie fellowship under the framework of the H2020 Innovative Training Network (ITN) entitled “Europol”.  The approximate value of the fellowship is about 200000 CAD over 36 months.  We wish Mike all the best in his new position!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Chemistry grad turns in gold-medal doctoral performance

Chemistry grad turns in gold-medal doctoral performance

Soon after taking up graduate study, Nick Vukotic was drawn into sessions brainstorming a problem that had eluded his advisor Stephen Loeb—and others around the world—for years. Dr. Vukotic’s design solution led to a cover article in Nature Chemistry that is now ranked as the most-accessed article of May 2012 in any chemistry journal.

His creativity and problem-solving ability saw Vukotic complete his doctorate in chemistry with a grade average of 96 percent, earning him the Governor General’s Gold Medal for the highest academic standing at the graduate level among his cohort. He will receive the award during the first session of Convocation at the St. Denis Centre on Saturday, October 17.

Vukotic received his BSc in 2009, then began Master’s studies before early transfer to a PhD program. He received graduate scholarships from 2009 to 2014 and the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2009 and 2010; the NSERC Canada Graduate Master’s Scholarship in 2010 and 2011; and the NSERC Graduate Doctoral Scholarship from 2011 to 2014. He is the author of 16 publications in refereed journals and a book chapter. Four more manuscripts based on his work are currently in progress.

Serving a post-doctoral fellowship under the Ontario Centres of Excellence TalentEdge program, Vukotic works on the development of x-ray diffraction instrumentation for Proto Manufacturing.

See the original story on the UWindsor Daily News

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Besa Xhabija wins poster prize at the 10th Biannual Great Lakes Glia Meeting

The Vacratsis lab participated in the 10th Biannual Great Lakes Glia Meeting that took place on Sept 27-29th, 2015 in Traverse City, Michigan. Besa Xhabija was awarded the Best Poster Award, which carried a cash prize of $200.  Congratulations Besa!

2 DAY Workshop: Introduction to Practical Aspects of Solution NMR for Chemists

2 DAY  Workshop: Introduction to Practical Aspects of Solution NMR for Chemists

Date: Wednesday Oct 14 and Thursday Oct 15
Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm each day
Location: Science Resource Centre Rm 182 EH

This introductory workshop is geared toward undergraduate students, summer students and/or graduate students with limited (or no) NMR experience, but who are expected to make use of the NMR spectrometers as part of their research projects. 

The workshop is meant as a supplement to the "one on one" training that new NMR users receive and will allow an opportunity to go into greater depth on many topics, therefore students who have recently started to use our NMR instruments are especially encouraged to attend.   Please inform new students in your lab who may not be on this mailing list.

The schedule will consist of a lecture to start each day followed by hands-on learning sessions where participants will get the opportunity to make NMR samples as well as to collect and process NMR data.

The topics covered include:
  • How an NMR spectrometer works
  • NMR Magnet Safety
  • Preparation of NMR Samples
  • Set up of 1D 1H and 13C NMR Experiments
  • Processing and Presentation of NMR Data
The workshop is free of charge to members of the Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry; however, enrollment is limited, so please register soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Free Chemdraw Prime software for students!

Anyone enrolled in Science this year can obtain a free personal copy of Chemdraw Prime for their Windows or MAC PC (download at the link at the bottom of this page).

ChemDraw Prime is the complete entry-level drawing program that provides all the tools you need to quickly create chemically intelligent, publication-ready chemical structures and reactions, laboratory notes and experiment write-ups. As well as a full set of chemical structure essentials such as rings, bonds, chains, atoms and functional groups, ChemDraw Prime includes chemical and lab equipment templates and handy TLC and Gel Electrophoresis Plate drawing tools.

ChemDraw Prime includes the following features:

*      Analyze and check structures
*      Structure clean-up
*      Expand and contract labels
*      Create and use nicknames
*      Tetrahedral and geometric stereochemistry, including absolute and relative
*      Multicenter attachment points for haptic and other pi bonds
*      Chemical polymer tools
*      Calculate properties including pKa, LogP, LogS and tPSA and hotlink to structure
*      Read and write all common chemical and graphics files
*      Read JCamp and Galactic spectra files
*      Fragmentation tools
*      Special “copy/paste as” command for CDX, CDXML, molfile, SMILES, InChI and InChIKey (copy only)
*      In-place OLE editing of ChemDraw objects
*      ChemDraw ActiveX Plugin

Visit http://www.uwindsor.ca/softwaredepot for your copy today.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

UWindsor making strides in protecting waterways from toxic algae blooms

UWindsor making strides in protecting waterways from toxic algae blooms

UWindsor researcher Bulent Mutus has designed and built a filter that can remove potentially harmful phosphates from contaminated water. Phosphates are a naturally occurring mineral, but increased levels in waterways, will substantially reduce water quality.

Phosphates are found in sewage and used in detergents and commercial fertilizers, so runoff from these practices and industries, will throw off the chemical balance of streams, rivers and the lakes. An abundance of phosphates create a nutrient rich environment that can encourage massive growth of some plants and algae.

Mutus’ research project, Large Scale Total Phosphate Filtration System, received almost $160,000 from Environment Canada, Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund (LSGBCUF), for a two-year project to build and test a large scale version of the filtration unit at the Holland Canal in the Holland Marsh, near Barrie Ontario.

“Our filtration technology is a simple and cost effective alternative to current methods,” says Dr. Mutus, biochemistry professor. “It uses inexpensive, environmentally safe methods to remove phosphorus from point sources such as municipal and agricultural wastewater.”

To read more, click here for the Daily News page

Friday, August 14, 2015

End of summer BBQ - August 19th, 12-2 pm

The Chem Club welcomes everyone to the "End of summer BBQ" - August 19th, 12-2 pm


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New GA/TA teaching positions posted - Application Deadline August 7, 2015

There are new GA and TA Fall 2015 Job Postings for Fall 2015 available at:


Applications must be submitted to: Beth Kickham in Essex Hall, Room 275-D.
Deadline for receiving applications is: Friday, August 7th, 2015 at 4:30pm or until positions have been filled.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Advanced NMR Workshop June 10 and 11

Announcement Advanced NMR Workshop: June 10 and 11

To register click here

With the fume hoods down do you have nothing fun to do this week, how about some NMR:

Advanced NMR Workshop

Wednesday June 10 and Thursday June 11, 9am to noon each day

This advanced workshop is available to undergraduate students and/or graduate students/postdocs who have already taken the Introductory NMR Workshop or who have completed the third year Spectroscopic Structure Identification course (59-330/332) and who have demonstrated sufficient competence to the NMR Facility Manager. No experience in solid state NMR is required.

The workshop will briefly cover the physical theory behind the advanced NMR experiments but the focus will be on demonstrating the uses of these experiments and practical aspects of experimental set up .

The schedule will consist of a mixture of lectures and of hands-on sessions on the NMR spectrometers where participants will get the opportunity to set up experiments and collect data.

 The topics covered include:

  • DOSY
  • COSY 
  • Differences between solution and solid state NMR
  • Solid State NMR sample preparation
  • Magic-angle spinning – MAS (tuning the angle with KBr)
  • Cross-polarization (CP) MAS
  • Basic 1H and 13C SSNMR experiments 
Pulse field gradients
  • Shaped Pulses
  • Selective 1D NOESY

Enrolment is free but numbers are limited.

Registration can be done using the link below or at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry-NMR Facility webpage

Friday, June 5, 2015

43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium - POMS2015

43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium - POMS2015
The University of Windsor is delighted to hold the 43rd Ontario-Quebec Physical Organic Minisymposium (POMs), which runs from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1, 2015.

POMs is one of the premier regional physical organic chemistry meetings in North America and emphasizes the active participation of graduate students and postdocs. It is hold annually in either Ontario or Quebec but draws participants from all neighbouring provinces and states and beyond. We encourage the participation of all researchers who apply physical organic chemistry principles in all aspects of chemical sciences, including biological and materials chemistry.

For more information, please visit:

Thursday, April 16, 2015

ChemProm - April 30

This year's ChemProm is taking place at the Caboto Club on April 30, 2015 at 7 pm.

Tickets are $40 apiece, and can be purchased from Zainab or Marlene.

All students, staff, faculty and friends are welcome!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Summer 2015 teaching job postings now on line

Looking for a summer teaching job?

GA/TA Job Postings have been made, as per article 12:01 of the CUPE 4580 Collective Agreement.

All postings and related information can be viewed at:

Applications must be submitted to: Beth Kickham in Essex Hall, Room 275-D.

Deadline for receiving applications is: Monday, April 13th, 2015 at 4:30pm or until positions have been filled.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sessional Instructor Postings - Fall 2015

Sessional Instructor Postings - Fall 2015

Please visit our Employment Opportunities web page for information on sessional positions available for Fall 2015.  The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry invites applications from qualified individuals who are interested in teaching these courses as posted.  

Pharmacology for Health Sciences - 03-59-391-01
Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Signaling - 03-59-469-01

Biochemistry & Cell Biology – Lipids & Membranes - 03-59-675

Biotechnology Entrepreneurship - 03-59-690-01

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Students shine at SOUSCC

Students shine at SOUSCC

The Department congratulates our presenters at the 2015 Southern Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference at the University of Toronto Mississauga.

This year SOUSCC had 124 submissions in the following categories: Educational (3); Biological (18); Analytical (14); Physical (20); Organic (21); Inorganic (16); posters (32).

Our students did a fantastic job and were very competitive. They made us proud! We are delighted to report that Mr. Tarade (Pandey Lab) won 1st Place and Mr Jafar (Gauld Lab) won 2nd Place in the Biological Chemistry category.

A big thank you also goes out to the 59-410 instructor Dr Gauld for preparing the students for their presentations.

Submitted by:
Bulent Mutus, Ph.D.
Head and Chaperone

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Students successful in Blue Sky Competition

Farzana Afin (Master’s student in biochemistry) and Fahmida Afrin (Undergraduate student in civil engineering) won first place and $1500 in the Blue Sky Competition from an idea that hatched in collaboration with Michael Holmes, who is a recent PhD graduate from the department.  This competition is sponsored by the Epicentre at UWindsor.

They generated a genetically modified cotton plant which grows coloured cotton instead of regular white cotton. This was done by inserting flower pigmentation genes into the cotton genome. Synthetic dyes are used to colour white cotton fabrics and about 700,000 tons dyes are run off into the waterways every year. This genetically modified coloured cotton would eliminate the need for synthetic dyes which are harmful to the environment. It is also cost effective because manufacturers will not have to purchase the dye. 

Congratulations to all involved!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Schurko receives UWindsor award for excellence in research

Congratulations to Professor Rob Schurko who received one of two University of Windsor Awards for Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity - Category C - Established Scholars / Researchers.   The University of Windsor spotlights accomplishments and achievements of faculty at an annual event held to pay tribute to those who have received significant awards and honours for their research or creative activity.

Prof. Schurko was in Israel as a visiting scientist at the Weizmann Institute at the time of the awards ceremony; so, his two of his Ph.D. students, Chris O'Keefe and David Hirsh, accepted the award on his behalf.

His research focuses upon the development and application of techniques in solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) for the study of a wide variety of materials, including pharmaceutical compounds, nanoparticles, catalysts, and many more.  To learn more about his research, visit:


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chili cook off - Feb. 13, 2015

We will be having our 3rd Annual Chili Day starting at noon on Friday, February 13, 2015 (to celebrate Valentine's Day!!) in room #273 Essex Hall.

Please see the attached flyer (below) for more details.

If you are interested in bringing a pot of your famous chili, there will be a sign up sheet in the main office, Essex Hall, Room 273-1

Hope to see everyone there! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Summer Research Opportunities

Interested in doing summer research?

Most of our faculty members will be accepting undergraduates for summer research positions.  Click the link below to see our list of active researchers and their research areas:


The deadline for the NSERC USRA scholarship if Feb. 20, 2015.

For information on how to apply, click the link below:

Note: You must contact a faculty member to support you for this application!  Follow all instructions, and contact mbezaire@uwindsor.ca if you need more information.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Summer 2015 Intersession/Summer Session Job Postings in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Summer 2015 Intersession/Summer Session Job Postings

For more information, visit our Employment Opportunities web page.
  • 03-59-100 (01) – Introduction to Chemistry
  • [Distance Education] 03-59-263 (91) – Organic Chemistry of Biomolecules
  • [Distance Education] 03-59-365 (91) – Protein & Nucleic Acid Chemistry
    Per Article 54:08(a), if you have taught as a sessional instructor at the University of Windsor in any previous two years, please submit your updated CV and a written statement of interest.  If you have not taught a course here previously, please provide three letters of reference along with your application to CHEMBIOHEAD@uwindsor.ca by February 13th.  All details are included in the posting.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Joe Lichaa recognized for service excellence

Congratulations to Joe Lichaa, who was recognized for his service to the University of Windsor!

Joe is our departmental technician and IT expert.

UWindsor president Alan Wildeman congratulates chemistry department technologist Joe Lichaa, one of two individual winners of the service excellence award at the 2015 employee recognition reception.

To see the full story, click here.