Thursday, October 23, 2008

Congratulations to our graduates

This Saturday, October 25th is the convocation ceremony.   We will be hosting a bar-b-q in front of Essex Hall starting around 12 pm for our graduating students.  Everyone is welcome to come and congratulate the graduates.  Food is free, but we do need some help setting up.  Please let Marlene or Michelle know if you are attending.

This year the graduates are:
Mira Beshai (Thadani), Greg Welch (Stephan), Peter Siedlakowski (Pandey), Katrina McGonigal (Pandey), Danijela Domazet (Pandey), Joel Tang (Schurko), Jenny McCahill (Stephan), Aaron Steevensz (Taylor), Osamah Al-Homaidan (Stephan) and Tony Rao (Antonelli).

Important notice: calendar and course adjustments

Oct. 5, 2008 - Important notice: The strike is over! All classes resume Monday Oct. 6, 2008. Some laboratories will start off on Monday; consult individual course pages, contact professors, or the laboratory coordinators for more information. Click here for general guidelines for the remainder of the semester. Each course may have a unique interpretation of these guidelines, pending discussions with faculty and students.