Friday, July 25, 2014

Safety and SOPs

As part of its commitment to laboratory safety, the Department has recently launched several initiatives of which all faculty, staff and students need to be aware.

First, the Department has constituted a Departmental Safety Committee. The mandates of this Committee include reporting on safety to the Departmental Chair and council, reviewing safety-related incidents and complaints and recommending actions in response, pro-actively devising safety policies, and performing laboratory inspections. The Chair of this Committee and Departmental Safety Officer is Dr. Michael Boffa. The Committee's members are Nedhal Al-Nidawy (staff); Stephanie Kosnik (graduate student), Dr. Stephen Loeb (chemistry faculty) and Dr. Bulent Mutus (biochemistry faculty).

Inquiries regarding safety can be addressed to Dr. Boffa or to any of the committee members.

The second initiative is a Laboratory Safety Orientation Checklist that must be filled out by all existing faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students performing research. These checklists are intended to be a standardized platform to direct and document safety training for all Department members engaged in laboratory research.

Over the next few months, a departmental safety web page will be developed.

Please click here to visit the current incarnation of this page.