Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Chemistry, Biochemistry and MMB Grad Students Volunteer in the Community

Chemistry, Biochemistry and MMB Students Volunteer in the Community

This Fall, our department launched a new course called Development of Leadership, Outreach and Presentation Skills (59-400), which is open to our undergraduate students who are doing their honours theses (59-410).

Volunteer opportunities involve a number of activities internal to Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Faculty of Science, but also include external activities in the community, including working with children and seniors, and volunteering with charitable organizations, churches and hospitals.

It seems that the spirit of volunteerism is catching on in our department!

On Friday, November 11, 2016, eight of our grad students helped out at a fundraising dinner at Assumption/Holy Name Parish (proceeds from the dinner go towards a Youth program in the parish).

Chemistry & Biochemistry Ph.D. students - Yiting Chen, Neda Mashhadi, Ghazale Gholami, Yunyun Wu
MMB students - Theresa Amponsah, Diego Vazquez Figueroa, Fengyan Zhang, Anna Podlesnaia.

Congratulations to our students for helping out!

More stories about our undergraduate and graduate volunteers will be posted on this blog!

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