Monday, December 5, 2016

WIN.CHEM volunteers work with local high school students

WIN.CHEM volunteers work with local high school students

Since 2014, our department has been running laboratory sessions and department tours for high school students from around Windsor and Essex County - this program is known as WIN.CHEM.  Students participate in interactive laboratories featuring work on cryogens, thermodynamics, chemical reactions and kinetics, combustion, and metals and alloys.  

Our graduate students and undergraduate volunteers make these outreach laboratories possible.  

If you are an undergraduate student in the Chemistry, Biochemistry or Chemistry & Physics programs, and are planning on taking the 59-410 Research and 59-400 Development of Leadership, Outreach and Presentation Skills courses, you can volunteer for this rewarding program.

If you are a high school student or teacher, please contact Prof. Jim Green (jgreen@uwindsor.ca) to arrange a visit to UWindsor to take part in our interactive WIN.CHEM laboratories.  For more information, click here!

Max Nascimento, '18, does some liquid nitrogen demonstrations for students from Villanova High School
Mitchell Dipasquale, '17, discusses miscibility with some students.
Lucas Foster,' 18, and Adan Ahmed, '17, demonstrate the dehydration of sugar with sulphuric acid.
Max Nascimento, '18, is not doing anything illegal here... he is just eating some graham crackers that have been dipped into liquid nitrogen.
Special thanks to all WIN.CHEM volunteers: Chris O'Keefe and David Hirsh (co-coordinators), Cameron Vojvodin, Natan Veinberg, Lucas Foster, Austin Peach, Jacqueline Gemus, Max Nascimento, Brent St Onge, Abbey Nicoletti, Jesse Ropat, Adan Ahmed, Mitchell Dipasquale, and Nadia Stephaniuk.

Special thanks to Chris O’Keefe, David Hirsh, and Stas Veinberg (Ph.D. 2016), who have been instrumental in organizing and running the WIN.CHEM sessions for the past three years.

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