Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Congratulations to undergraduate students who received Chem/Biochem awards!

Congratulations to all of our undergraduate students who received Chem/Biochem awards:

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Memorial Prize (2nd-year by GPA): Biochemistry:  Lucas Foster (Chem);  Simon Pupulin (Biochem)
  • Canadian Society for Chemistry Prize (3rd-year by GPA):  Jacqueline Gemus (Chem);  Brynn Charron (Biochem)
  • ACS Medal (3rd-year by GPA and interest in research):  Natan Veinberg (Chem);  Mohamad Harb (Biochem)
  • Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award (4th-year by GPA):  Brittany Ives (Chem with thesis / BEd);  Paul Meister (Biochem with thesis)
  • Peter Wyzinski Sr. Memorial Surprise Award (2nd-4th year, highest grades in chemistry courses): Maxemilian Nascimento (Chem)
  • Hutnik Research Award (best 410-thesis in biochem): Christopher Pignanelli
  • Tuck Alumni Award (best 410-thesis in chemistry): Sara Mechael

Awards will be presented at the upcoming ACS/CSC Award dinner on Wed., May 25, 2016 at Sindbad’s Restaurant and Marina in Detroit, which runs from 5-9 pm.

For more information on these awards and the dinner, please contact Prof. Holger Eichhorn.

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